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Who We Are

Modern Comics Books supplies knowledge and resources from comics spanning from the vintage Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages all the way through to the modern comic book era. Here you can search for any comic title from almost any genre, like The Fantastic Four, Submariner, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Daffy Duck, Dare Devil, Justice League of America, Richie Rich, Captain America, The Swamp Thing, Dennis the Menace, Amazing Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk.
Today’s modern comic books publishers include Marvel Comics and DC Comics.  The independent comic book publishers include Dark Horse Comics, Image Comics, Devil’s Due Comics, IDW Comics and many more.

Most major modern comic books can trace their origins to the Golden Age and Silver Age of comic books.  These comic books are typically recognized by their original cover prices of 10 or 12 cents. Back in the old days, people didn’t “collect” comics and normally threw them away after reading. For this reason, because these originals are actually “rare” and not sitting in millions of people’s collections, they can be quite valuable. If you want to see some amazing stuff, check out  They are the nation’s largest dealer of Golden, Silver and Bronze Age comic books.  The specialize in selling comic books that are worth hundreds, if not tens of thousands, of dollars a piece.  They buy collections big and small, and are typically happy to bulk out modern comic books by the long box to any collector who wants to buy them for as little as 10 cents per comic. This is because modern comic books make for fun reading, but aren’t ever really going to be worth anything because since 1975, no one on the planet has ever thrown out a comic book because they falsely believe it will one day be worth a lot of money, even though that’s not true.

Speaking of comic books that are actually rare and valuable, check out if you want to see the most expensive comic books ever sold. They are the company that sold the first comic book for $1 Million and again set the world record with the sale of the highest graded copy of Action Comics #1 for $1.5 Million.

Getting back to modern comic books, here are a few places from where you can either order or subscribe to modern comics. Try MidtownComics or WestFieldComics. Have fun and enjoy!

And if you're looking for a particular issue, please give our Fast Search a shot. Simply enter a comic title to the left and we'll find the book for you!